1. 1. In the tale, “Good Country People” the scene starts out with a woman named Joy, the protagonist and her mother (Mrs. Hopewell) and Mrs. Freeman, who was the woman Joy was given to, to help marry her off. Joy’s conflict was that she was a very different child, not having the same benefits as the rest of the children such as Glynese and Carramae (Mrs. Freeman’s daughters)because . Due to the lack of interest in her by most people Joy went to her studies and preferred to learn and eventually changed her name to Hulga when she became of age. The story takes place around 1955 in a country town. One afternoon around supper time, a young man selling Bibles knocked on the door. Mrs. Freeman grew found of him because he was so simple, or seemed simple, and had a nice southern country charm. The young man’s name was Manley Pointer. Mr. Pointer grew found of Hulga after dinner with her and the rest of the family. On the walk out that night he asked Hulga on a walk through the woods for the next day. The following day Hulga went down and agreed to a walk. On their walk, there was some foreshadowing how Mr. Pointer was a good Christian man and how found he was of Hulga. After some walking the two came upon a barn where the climbed up to the hay loft, which is the climax of the story. In the Hay loft Mr. Pointer asked her once again about her wooden leg and where it attached to her leg. After much persuading, Hulga finally showed him where it attached and then let him take it off. After kissing her several times and taunting her with the leg, Mr. Pointer Put the Wooden leg in his suitcase, and told Hulge he only wanted the leg, and then left her there with no way down.


We chose this picture because of the religious views it has in it with the hands together praying and The Holy Bible. Religion is factor in both stories. In A Good Man is Hard to Find, the Grandma is trying to convince the misfit to pray with her and ask the lord for forgiveness. In Good Country People, Mr. Pointer claims to be a religious missionary trying to sell bibles and spread the gospel.

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